Operation Stephen's Touch 

               A Compassionate Listening Service for Military

               Family Members Living Without a Loved One


The caring listening is being offered to spouses, parents, adult children and siblings of those who died or those who are dealing with separation due to military service.  Please pass this information along to others who would benefit from the caring listener.


To request a compassionate listener, email us at supportrequest@stephenstouch.org

Please include your name, phone number, email address and zip code.


If there is a local congregation with a Stephen Ministry program, they will be contacted to request a Stephen Minister for you.  If there is not a local congregation, arrangements will be made to have a caring listener by telephone. 


The Stephen Minister volunteers to be with you approximately 1 hour a week for as few or as many weeks (up to one year) that you would like.  This service is available at no charge to members of grieving military families.


Toll free by phone:  1-888-40-TOUCH (408-6824)


By mail:

Operation Stephen’s Touch

Grace Presbyterian Church

4300 West Park Blvd.

Plano, TX 75093


Fax:      (972) 985-7536